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Ölsüss Wellness Kit

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Amazing gift for yourself or your loved ones, containing all the best selling products at the boutique! A combination of scents and textures to help enhance relaxation, focus, and all the senses.

The kit contains our best Natural Spray blend, Palo Santo, with contains 7 oils with citrus, lavender and woody notes, to be used on your body or the room.

Our special crystal soap bar, 4oz, made with organic glycerin and essential oils.

Palo Santo wood trio and White Sage, ideal for energy cleansing in your home or work space, also before your meditation or yoga practice to elevate the spirit.

Massage and meditation crystal ball, ideal to release tension spots in your back and neck, bringing the benefits of the cold to alleviate pain as well. And also can be used to take a little break and meditate over the images coming through the crystal...

Lavender pouch, with french lavender flowers for aromatherapy, press it every time you need to stop and smell the flowers!

All our best products in a beautiful paper tube, that you can keep and re-use after.

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Our orders ship everyday with USPS and should arrive to you in 3-5 business days. We ship internationally with DHL.

Your product will arrive sealed and in perfect condition, if this is not the case please contact us and we will exchange it for no extra cost

Our Promise

Every Ölsüss products is 100% natural, sustainable and cruelty-free.

Handmade locally at our shop.

Handmade natural products for your skin and soul

Created by Sonia Reisin in Miami, FL, Ölsüss is a line of natural products with a holistic approach, base on the concept of "beauty from inside" and focusing on the Mind-Body-Spirit renewal.

With the best quality natural ingredients from all around the globe and containers that can be reused, our mission is beauty in an easy and sustainable way.

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